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  • Anne Hope

MENOPAUSE MYTHBUSTING - ‘You shouldn’t talk about your menopause’

Roughly half the entire population of the world will experience menopause. And yet we rarely talk about it. Frankly, this isn’t right or fair. After all, we sit girls down to explain periods to them when the time comes - yet menopause is something we’re just supposed to take in our stride, without instruction or discussion. Why is this? We think it has something to do with shame. Despite all the advances made by feminism, female reproduction is still a bit taboo. In addition to this, female ageing is often portrayed as something inherently shameful. So, in a culture that prizes youth and beauty, the menopause is seen as not just a taboo ‘womens’ problem’, but as an ageing womens’ problem. Double whammy! It’s time to change all that. You absolutely should talk about your menopause. Not only is it an important part of your life that deserves discussion, it’s also a topic that needs to be normalised. By normalising talk about menopause, we can achieve all of this and more: * Removing the taboo * Helping women prepare for their menopause * Achieving a greater societal understanding of menopause * Exploring solutions to common menopause-related issues * Improving conditions at work and home for menopausal people * Increasing inclusion for menopausal women * Giving women the confidence to face the menopause without fear or stigma * Empowering women to talk freely with their daughters, grandaughters, friends, and others about menopause. So, talk about your menopause! Ask questions, explain what you’re going through, educate your daughters and grandaughters, support your friends. Start the conversation!

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