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"Creating our Best Years"
4 day beach hotel retreat in North Cornwall

... rediscover yourself and love your life


A 4 day retreat arriving eve 12th to afternoon 16th November 2023 at the Bedruthan Hotel - a spa hotel on a beautiful beach in Cornwall.  This will include information and practical techniques, which you can explore in the company of a small group of like minded women, as well as enjoying relaxing in the pool, spa and walking on the coast.

A unique course offering both information on physical symptoms that women may experience around menopause and tools to deal with the resulting emotional changes. Most women dread this transition - the purpose of the retreat is to prepare you with expert information, give you practical solutions, challenge perceptions and make this a powerful time to plan for and look forward to.  It offers time to re-assess your life and enable health and freedom.

You will benefit from a amazing amount of experience that Alison and Anne offer working with women and transforming their lives. After taking this course, your life will never be the same again.

The price includes a beautiful room, use of spa & pool, and all meals and snacks.  A perfect retreat.

Prices are:

Non sea view room sharing 990, single occupancy 1350

sea view sharing 1110, single occupancy 1470. 

Just 150 deposit, then get in touch for full payment by 13 October

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Video Course:

Menopause - from one healthy state to another - £55

This series of 6 videos gives in depth information on how to prepare for and negotiate the process of menopause.


Menopause is not a time of "suffering" or "putting up with". It is a transition from one healthy state to another healthy state.  This course explains what changes to expect, pointers of what to do if you experience difficult physical or mental symptoms. 


By the end of the course you should be fully informed as to how you can negotiate the journey. This should not a time of dread or ending of youth and good times - it can be a time to fly and be fully ourselves!

We give practical solutions in how to successfully negotiate this important transition and live life to the full.

Video Course:

Menopause - What men need to know - £15

A short video course aimed for men.  It explains the process and physical, mental & emotion symptoms of menopause.

We outline the signs and symptoms of menopause you might notice and when it would be helpful to look for support.

Our message is no-one should suffer at menopause, not just the women going through this change but also partners and co-workers who are living or working alongside them.


Men can have an insightful understanding of menopause and be able to spot mental and emotional changes. You may be able to help your partner seek appropriate help. At work it could give ideas of how to support your colleagues.

Bespoke Courses for businesses

A recent survey by the CIPD found that 60% of women suffer menopausal symptoms that cause them to take time off work.  Of these only 35% felt able to tell their manager why they needed the time off.  85% of women at menopause are employed, and this is the fastest growing sector of employed women, so support and understanding at this time is paramount for your business.

Menopause myth busting

A 2 hour seminar which can be delivered on line or face to face with both Alison and Anne covering the essential facts about the process and how managers can support their staff through it.

Menopause - your questions answered

Is a tailored online course.  Up to 20 people can submit questions and take part in 5 one hour weekly sessions that will deal with their deal with their specific questions.


We can meet with you to make a tailored package of resources that would be beneficial to your organisation.

bespoke course


We make the most of picturesque Devon and choose venues that suit the workshop and season. At present we are offering courses online, but hope to offer in person courses in the future.

thurlestone hotel.jpeg

The Thurslestone Hotel has a beautiful room for courses overlooking the sea.

The Moorland Garden Hotel has a lovely cosy private space, perfect for our workshop.  

Moorland garden.jpg
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