Menopause - from one healthy state to another healthy state   £55


The journey of menopause

A series of 6 one hour videos, gives complete information on how to prepare for and negotiate the process of menopause so you can achieve the beginning of a new and exciting phase of life. 


Correctly approached, menopause is not a time of "suffering" or "putting up with",  in fact it is a transition from one healthy state to another new healthy state.  This course explains what changes to expect, why you shouldn't experience difficult physical or mental symptoms, gives information so you can be fully informed as to how you can help yourself, and reassures you that this is not a time of dread or ending of youth and good times - it is a time to fly and be fully ourselves!

Giving practical solutions and suggestions on how to successfully negotiate this important transition, finding the joy of travelling through this experience to live life to the full.

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The Joy of Right Now​

Finding and removing blocks, clearing out the old

Investigating in more depth what could be holding you back from fully realising the potential of being yourself.  This is the opportunity to understand and integrate your past, fears about the future, or held emotions from trauma or grief.  Practical solutions that work, gives you the tools you can use after the end of the course to keep yourself on track.

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Wake up and Smell the Coffee!


Going Forward - Finding Joy in Your Life

Previous courses have identified and worked at clearing old habits, shackles, things that have worked in the past, but may no longer be relevant.  By clearing these, we have created new opportunity, a new space to creatively build our bright and blossoming future.  This course is about discovering who you want to become, and giving ways of enabling yourself to feel the confidence that this is now possible.

Contact us if you are interest in this course, currently delivered online.  In person venues will be offered next year.


We make the most of picturesque Devon and choose venues that suit the workshop and season. At present we are offering courses online, but hope to offer in person courses in the future.

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The Thurslestone Hotel has a beautiful room for courses overlooking the sea.

The Moorland Garden Hotel has a lovely cosy private space, perfect for our workshop.  

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