• At a crossroads and looking for signposts to where you want to go to next?

  • Need help to deal with physical and emotional changes at menopause?

  • Feel life has thrown a "curve ball" and you need to re-discover your power?

  • Want to fulfil your potential and live life to the full?

We run courses to help you take back control and live the life you've always wanted
  • Advice to help you thrive at menopause
  • Expert teaching and counselling
  • Techniques to help assess your life and rediscover your true self


Menopause, from one healthy state to another healthy state   £55


A series of six 1 hour videos explaining how to prepare for menopause, understanding physical and emotional changes as well as how to cope with and correct difficult symptoms. Lots of practical advice taking you through this important journey to the joy of coming out the other side into your new beginning. 

The course is available at Udemy, and by clicking below you get the opportunity to see the first video for free before deciding to buy the full course. 

Next Steps : 

  • The Joy of Right Now

  • Wake Up and Smell The Coffee


Expert information from clinical experience offering practical solutions. Challenging perceptions to make the future a powerful time to look forward to, a time to re-assess your life and help plan your next important stage.  Courses include yoga & meditation, EFT, creative activities and life coaching.  There are opportunities to discuss specific challenges you may be facing, in a safe and supported environment.

Small groups with a maximum of 10 people give us the opportunity to tailor our day courses around your needs.  Currently delivered online.


"40 seemed to be a turning point for me, up until now I had just taken one thing at a time and now I felt a bit dissatisfied ... where next? This gave me a great grounding to begin to feel back in control and a sense of what I wanted to do next."

"Empty nest!! I felt empty all through, was I washed up at 50 ... to be honest everything felt just blah! 

I loved the yoga and bellydance (although I was a bit self conscious beforehand, it was lovely).  But mostly the groupwork really opened my eyes (and mind)."

"I didnt realise how much the change of hormones even before menopause was affecting me. I learned a lot and got some great tips on natural approaches to menopause - can't wait for the next workshop to help me carry on making positive choices for me."