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  • Anne Hope

Balance - the 5 bodies

In yoga philosophy we have 5 bodies: The physical body, Energy/breath body, mental/emotional body, our higher self, and connection to universal consciousness.

We exist in alignment and balance, and when all the 5 bodies are aligned we feel great! However very often life can throw us a curved ball and we worry or become anxious so our mental/emotional body becomes overpowered and stress. Or we are exhausted or ill and our physical and energy body is affected.

One of the most powerful meditation sessions I run is one where we realign our 5 bodies bringing us back to feeling centred and powerful again. Following this with yoga really puts us back into connection with ourselves on every level, giving us energy to feel good right now as well as facing the future with excitement and not anxiety.

Signs of being out of alignment are :

· Being accident prone

· Being clumsy (banging head, trapping fingers)

· Stumbling (tripping up, falling down)

· Disappointments, nothing lives up to expectations

· Exhaustion, tired run down

· Late, miss events,

· Over or under qualified so never gets the work they want

· Physical illness

So if you notice that life is feeling like a fight, and the flow energy is missing - your 5 bodies are most probably out of line.

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