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  • Anne Hope

Walking the Talk

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

A fun and positive way to explore creative solutions to a knotty problem

One of the activities which we offer during our workshops is the opportunity to Walk the Talk. This allows women who have a knotty problem which just won’t go away to explore creative solutions with a like-minded fellow participant. Using Whitmore’s GROW model (Goals, Reality, Options and Way Forward) combined with walking can produce more innovative ways to deal with issues. A Stanford University study in 2014 found that we are 60% more creative when we are walking.

So that’s the theory. The reality is that we get to be outdoors, on the beach or the moor, and talk in a relaxed way about something that’s been bothering us with someone who is really listening to us. We have time to think, to explore crazy ideas, to find the one that feels right for us.

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