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  • Anne Hope

Filming at Plymouth University

Updated: May 19, 2022

We spent a really enjoyable hour today with Irene and Kalsi, two 2nd year film students at the University of Plymouth. As part of their degree, they make a film for a local business which is linked to one of the UN sustainable goals – either gender equality or climate action.

We submitted a brief for consideration and were delighted when they got in touch to say they would like to make a film for us.

It was a pleasure to talk to these young women about our work on menopause. The exercise enabled us to really be clear about what it is we are trying to achieve and what our key messages are. We decided that what we really want people to know is:

* You don’t have to “suffer” during menopause – there are many ways to ameliorate extreme symptoms.

* Planning for the transition will make it more manageable – make sure you know what your cycle is like beforehand.

* Information is power – investigate the options to manage symptoms.

* Life after menopause is positive – you become the person you really are at heart.

It was also great to know that these young women were interested in getting the message out about menopause. We look forward to seeing the finished film in May.

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